Managed Backup Solutions

Technology-driven thinking to boost business growth. We help manage backup solutions so you never miss a beat.

Encryption Technology: Safe & Protected Date

Managed backup and recovery for cloud-based application data can help your
business grow and achieve its goals. Our services let you leverage AWS, Microsoft
Azure, Google Cloud, B2, and Nutanix cloud storage. We offer image-level backup,
file-based backup, and support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.
We provide backup and recovery for current Windows and macOS systems, as well
as on-site Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint servers.
Ayukul’s technology-driven approach helps you manage backup solutions to
ensure business continuity.

Why Managed Backup?

Data loss is an IT firm’s worst nightmare. Hosting server issues or a hard drive
crash can cause multiple failures. Robust data storage and backup are essential
for business continuity.
The main objective of the Backup and recovery service is to provide:

Internal IT teams need diverse technologies and data storage, but service
providers are well-versed in the latest trends.
Many businesses skip backups to focus on their goals. Managed service providers
can take care of backups so you don’t have to.
Managing your own backup team can be expensive. A managed service provider is
more affordable, with predictable monthly cost.

Our managed recovery includes following components