With Ayukul’s surveillance solutions, we centralize security for you so that it becomes as easy as social media profiles for you. It gets easier for enterprises with offices located in multiple locations.
Businesses need video surveillance solutions for the protection of company assets, both infrastructure assets, and diligent employees, that play a vital role in day-to-day business operations. Managed surveillance systems offer enhanced security and monitoring for businesses.

Why Managed Video Solutions?

If you are planning to upgrade your analog video surveillance systems to a digital video system, there are a variety of factors to consider:

Multiple Sensors
IP cameras can contain three or four lenses in one, which can cover an area that may generally take various cameras to cover.
Reduced Costs
IP surveillance solutions are cost-effective than its analog video surveillance. You can upgrade to some good entry-level IP-based cameras for a reasonable amount of money.
Easy Installation
IP cameras are easy to install as they require only one wire for both data and power that connects to a network switch.
Managed video systems offer superior image quality. You have several options to choose cameras with different resolutions according to your business need.
Transmission is secure as systems are encrypted and authenticated by programs initiated by Managed Video providers
Open Platform
You can access an IP camera with any device from anywhere, anytime, and check its feeds. This feature allows you to add any function to your system whenever you want.
Intelligence and Analytics
IP systems can be programmed to offer you all sorts of analytics. They are small computers that collect and store video, can detects smoke, count the number of employees, track colors, sense when something disappears, and set off alarms.

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We Offer

With our IP video surveillance solutions, we offer you centralized security that manages several devices located at multiple locations. It helps businesses to install, control, and monitor surveillance systems effectively, enabling them to view live feeds from multiple cameras with high resolution, playback videos, and control camera settings.

High Resolution
We provide the best surveillance experience to you with a high-resolution live view of several cameras on a single screen.
Employee Protection
Our video security systems allow you to protect your key personnel and sensitive areas/operations with an ease of just click.
Remote Monitoring
Our highly integrated digital video systems allow us to monitor and manage the activity on your surveillance feeds from any location in the world. You need a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop with an active internet connection.
Cost-Effective Solutions
We design and implement solutions that are affordable since they require less physical infrastructure to perform.
Time Saver
We design solutions keeping in mind that they capture videos with distributed intelligence. If you don’t want to waste time checking whole day feeds, our software enables you to select and monitor specific events.
Improve Productivity
Digital surveillance systems have an eye on workplace activities daily. This process leads to increase productivity as they work efficiently and feel safe in the advanced environment.


  • Voice-down capability to respond to critical events
  • A highly effective deterrent to employee theft
  • Reduced false alarms through video verification
  • Regulatory compliance including AHJ, FDA, and CFATS
  • A visual record of monitored activities

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