Ayukul’s Managed WiFiServices provides you with remote internet access to your employees as well as your clients with easy to install infrastructure while also being easy on your pocket.
In simple terms, managed storage is the process of migrating an organization's data storage to a third-party or outsource managed service provider after accessing their requirements in detail. This storage can be on-site or off-site, calculated on the basis of the company's needs.
Enterprises that go ahead with managed storage may not need a storage administrator since the needs are outsourced, hence saving the right amount of recurring expense. This is a benefit of managed storage, as enterprises can scale easily in terms of the space needed.

Why Managed Wi-Fi Services

We understand that cost is a great player choosing a service provider. We have several cost-effective packages designed to suit your business’ requirements.
Improved Security of Internal Network
If you choose to install our managed Wi-Fi solutions for your organization, that means you want to implement centralized Wi-Fi management-which gives you greater network control and better security.
Instant Support
24/7 technical support is always provided by us whenever you face any occasional problems with the access point or devices.
With a fully managed wireless network, companies have a clear picture of the organization and control over the entire network. A cloud-based centralized WLAN monitoring dashboard provides deep visibility of the whole WLAN infrastructure and provides application-level and user level control.
Maximum Productivity
Installation of secured unified wireless systems in your organization can help your employees and teams collaborate, helping to drive results with increased productivity.
Improved User Experience
The main objective of providing Wi-Fi in your office is to offer your users with uninterrupted internet access
Business Growth
As the wireless system solutions are cost-effective, it saves your time and money both. If you are planning to open to a new office building or workspace as a part of your business expansion model, you can quickly implement your actions.

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Managed Wi-Fi Services with Ayukul Technologies

Managed Wi-Fi services surround everything from radio frequency (RF), surveys & network design, to installing equipment & to on-going management, monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrades to the Wi-Fi network.

We provide fully managed Wi-Fi solutions that offer last, accessible, and secure wireless connectivity across the organization, available with affordable payment options.

  • We offer easy to install managed Wi-Fi solutions that provide you remote Internet access to your employees, clients, and visitors throughout your business area.
  • It ensures transparency, scalability, increased productivity, improved internal network security, improved user experience, and immediate access to technical support.

We install secured unified wireless systems that allow you to connect safely and securely anywhere in your office building and beyond with our indoor and outdoor wireless solutions.

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