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In simple terms, managed storage is the process of migrating an organization's data storage to a third-party or outsource managed service provider after accessing their requirements in detail. This storage can be on-site or off-site, calculated on the basis of the company's needs.
Enterprises that go ahead with managed storage may not need a storage administrator since the needs are outsourced, hence saving the right amount of recurring expense. This is a benefit of managed storage, as enterprises can scale easily in terms of the space needed.

Why Managed Storage Services?

High Performance
As the enterprises with a lot of critical data need to move a large amount of data and hence the high performance managed storages are required, which is the most imperative feature to look for.
For the data to be processed, stored, and analysed, enterprises demand lightning speed, infrastructure, and, most of all, reliability. As companies save more extensive data on the cloud, it is also crucial for them to be able to download it in the same format.
Scalability and Flexibility
In case the company is looking to increase the degree of storage, it gets easy to scale and hence is economically efficient. It all comes down to how effective is the scalability and how this economics saves resources for the enterprise.
It is imperative for the Managed Storage to be compliant and have the ordering process smooth the way to more reliable store management. It helps reduce the risk, focus on security, and protect confidential business information.

Our Offer

Our experienced support team offers years of dedicated enterprise storage experience and can instantly diagnose issues and provide solutions.
Our round the clock Operations Centre ensures optimum storage availability, constant provisioning, and efficient performance.
By associating with Ayukul, your organization can benefit from the team of experienced storage engineers. Our methods and tools promise sharpness, performance, and peace of mind that your storage service would need.
You can access an IP camera with any device from anywhere, anytime, and check its feeds. This feature allows you to add any function to your system whenever you want.

We offer a complete set of features

  • Service delivered remotely and actively.
  • 24x7 enhanced management
  • Vendor management
  • Hybrid options to provide on-site and offsite administration
  • Full management of incidents on your behalf
  • Configuration & change management
  • Performance monitoring, management & tuning
  • Capacity trending & forecast reporting
  • Capacity planning to support budgeting & acquisition efforts
  • Storage Provisioning

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