At Ayukul, we emphasize on business growth through technology-driven thinking and hence, assist you in managing your backup solutions, so that you do not miss on anything when needed.
Managed Backup and Recovery of cloud-based application data helps your business grow and achieve your goals. Our services allow you to leverage AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, B2, Nutanix cloud storage to your leverage. Our solutions deliver what you expect from backup software, including image-level Backup, file-based Backup, and even support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.
We provide Backup and recovery for current Windows and Mac OSX systems along with onsite Microsoft Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint servers.

Why Managed Backup Solutions?

An IT firm's worst nightmare is data loss, and it comes unannounced. Multiple failures can arise due to hosting server issues or a hard disk crash. Hence, a robust data storage and its Backup must be on top priority for your business.

The main objective of the Backup and recovery service is to provide:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) (Development of backups frequently)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) (restoring backups quickly)
  • Protection of data backup
Your internal IT team needs to be ready with diverse technologies and data storage. However, a service provider is well versed in the growing trends since they have to keep up with these changes.
A lot of businesses don't opt for backups as it takes a lot of time since they have to diverge from their existing goals. On the other hand, a managed service provider willtake that onus and let you focus on your goals while creating a backup of your data to be presented when needed.
Working with your team can be a lot more exhausting and taxing since the requirements are higher. Hence going with a service provider saves you the part of a budget as they work on a monthly compensation, which is affordable.

Our Backup Services Offer

If you are planning to upgrade your analog video surveillance systems to a digital video system, there are a variety of factors to consider:

  • Monitoring backup system (resource availability and performance)
  • A centralized cloud-based management console
  • Task Execution to maintain backup SLAs
  • Security of existing backup infrastructure
  • Document Management
  • Technical incident and problem management
  • Proposal development for solution improvements
  • Maintaining backup software components at safe release levels
  • Secure access to the stored backup data copies
  • Single-service storage, recovery and Backup & replication
  • Outstanding technical support for remote employees and offices
  • Cloud-to-cloud Backup for SaaS services
  • Virtual machine (VM) backup (Image-level)
  • Replacement appliances in case of total disaster
  • Recovery assurance and recovery plans
Cloud Backup
Our cloud backup solutions allow IT teams to send their data copies via the cloud to another location. We give priority to data security and compliance, as cloud-based data is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
Secure Storage
Cloud-based storage is more reliable than many business networks. Our cloud backs up software that ensures data quality and protection.
Disaster Recovery
With this feature, your organization can manage and protect itself from disasters by implementing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) developed by us. We ensure a fast and proven disaster recovery process for business continuity. It includes process bare metal protection, virtual disaster recovery, and continuous recovery.
Secured Data
We comprehend that each client has various prerequisites, and that's why we provide a level of encryption for critical data where user can select their preferred level of encryption.

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